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September 26, 2017 marked the date of RPS’ Vancouver Luncheon, An Afternoon of Real Estate Insights in downtown Vancouver.

RPS is pleased to have hosted over 60 senior representatives from Canada’s major banks, mortgage lenders and brokers, as well as FinTechs and other key industry stakeholders. This event’s purpose is to engage industry professionals, provide unique market insights, and encourage meaningful dialogue. This all supports RPS’ position in the marketplace as a thought leader.

A more comprehensive breakdown of the event follows:


James MacQueen

James MacQueen, Executive Vice President of RPS and the master of ceremonies of the event, introduced the event with a warm welcome to the audience. Mr. MacQueen expressed how proud RPS is to be able to foster meaningful industry discussions, by bringing distinguished industry experts together with leaders from a vast representation of organizations in the industry.

Economic Outlook

Brendan LaCerda, Economist at Moody’s Analytics, presented his outlook for the global economy, including the Canadian economy. Brendan also discussed his forecast for house prices across Canada, with particular focus on house prices in Western Canada.

FinTech Panel 

This panel discussion was moderated by Yvonne von Jena, Head of Marketing and Innovation at RPS, and featured Alex Conconi, Founder, President, and CEO of Lendesk, Chris Nicola, Co-Founder and CTO of WealthBar Financial Services, and Ali Pourdad, Co-Founder and CEO of Progressa. This panel provided meaningful insights into current trends, opportunities, and challenges for both FinTechs and traditional financial services companies in Canada. The panelists discussed changing consumer needs, increased collaboration (both amongst FinTech and incumbent financial services providers, as well as FinTech to FinTech partnerships) and technologies to watch. The session also provided an overview of the Vancouver FinTech sector and examined how it compares to the global and Canadian markets.

Media Contact

Yvonne von Jena
Head of Innovation & Marketing
(416) 386-4339