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Who's the Tallest of Them All?

Who's the Tallest of Them All?

by Yvonne von Jena | February 8, 2018

High-rise apartments are perhaps one of the most noticeable symbols of urban intensification. The Canadian numbers bear this out. The top 3 are Toronto, London, and Vancouver.

According to Statistics Canada, here’s how various census metropolitan areas (CMA) ranked:

#1: Toronto was the Canadian urban centre with the largest share of dwellings in high-rise buildings (five or more storeys), with nearly 30% of dwellings of this size

#2: London was second on this list, at 16.8%

#3: Vancouver at 16.7%

#4: Hamilton at 15.5%

#5: Ottawa-Gatineau at 14%

#12: Montréal, the second-largest CMA in Canada, with 8.8% of dwellings were in high-rises; in this CMA, apartment buildings with less than five storeys were the most common (40% of dwellings)

Of the top 35 Canadian CMAs, here’s the bottom 3:

#33: Saguenay

#34: Trois-Rivières

#35: St. John’s