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Cannabis “Home Grows” and Property Values

by Yvonne von Jena | May 7, 2018

Residential real estate and mortgage players such as realtors and others, are raising concerns about the impact that the home cultivation of cannabis will have on property values.

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Spring Floods Start: New Brunswick Battles Worst in Decades

by Yvonne von Jena | May 4, 2018

Rising floodwaters across New Brunswick have caused evacuations, property damage, and the closing of a large section of the Trans-Canada highway between Moncton and Fredericton.

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[PwC] Digital Mortgage 2.0: What Consumers Want

by Yvonne von Jena | May 1, 2018

PwC’s recent consumer study “Digital Mortgage 2.0” provides some very good insights into what recent and prospective borrowers nationwide expect in their home lending experience. Even in just a couple of years, it is fair to say that there has been a meaningful shift in consumer attitudes where there is no question that almost all consumers want digital mortgages.

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[Royal LePage] What the Average Peak Millennial Can Afford Across Canada 

by Yvonne von Jena | April 30, 2018

According to Royal LePage, what peak millennials (people born between 1987 and 1998) can afford significantly differs across the country, has been reduced by the OSFI stress tests, and is causing changes in behavior and expectations amongst this cohort. For example, in Greater Vancouver, one can expect to afford 12% less living space on average. In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the impact is causing movement away from the city centre to more affordable properties.

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Toronto Building Costs Rise and Builders Scrap Pre-sold Toronto Condo Towers

by Yvonne von Jena | April 20, 2018

Some builders in the Toronto condo market are walking away from big towers that they have pre-sold due to higher construction costs. This reflects the possible profitability challenges builders are facing. In turn, this is leaving some buyers in the lurch.

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Canadian Home Sales Down 23% From Last Year

by Yvonne von Jena | April 13, 2018

Home sales numbers released by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) were down by 22.7% from March last year and marked a 4-year low for the month.

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10 Factors Putting The Brakes On The Housing Market

by Yvonne von Jena | April 11, 2018

Over the past year and a half, there have been at least ten factors that are putting the break on home sales. They cover mortgage and housing regulation, higher interest rates and lower consumer confidence. Click here to read the list of factors.

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[RBC] At Last, Some Affordability Relief For Ontario Homebuyers

by Yvonne von Jena | April 5, 2018

According to RBC’s latest Housing Trends and Affordability report, the steady and rapid deterioration in home ownership affordability over the past two years in Canada finally came to a stop in the fourth quarter. It was, for the most part because home prices dipped in Ontario. Although it would be tempting to view the fourth quarter’s affordability improvement as the start of a better trend for homebuyers, RBC believes it is unlikely to be the case.

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[Royal LePage] Proposed Taxes Expected to Have Major Impact on B.C. Real Estate

by Yvonne von Jena | March 29, 2018

According to Royal Lepage, new tax policies in British Columbia are expected to put pressure on Canadians to sell their secondary properties within the province.

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Regulations, Rates and Home Resales

by Yvonne von Jena | March 19, 2018

Existing home sales fell by 6.5% in February, marking the second consecutive monthly decline after a surge in activity that took place late last year as buyers rushed to close deals ahead of the new B20 borrower stress test rules that were implemented in January. In its Weekly Bottom Line, TD Economics alludes that the worst is likely in the rear view mirror, but regions like British Columbia and Ontario could see further pressure.

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